Bring your A game

You bring your A game when things aren’t going well.

When things are fine, you can glide, you can dwell, you can afford to take your foot off the pedal.

The difference between a high performer and an average performer, is that when things get tough, the high performer kicks in and delivers more. They use uncertainty as a base to drive forward.

Every single successful person I have ever worked with, embraced adversity, thrived on it and grew stronger.

Every single passenger I have worked with saw themselves as a victim, sat on their hands and blamed others.

To those that believe, “it isn’t worth it” you are right. It isn’t worth it.

To those that believe, “we can make it better” you are right. We can make it better.

Two truths, one choice.

Your call.


  1. Meg Peppin · June 2, 2014

    I love this; so well articulated. I think too that every passenger, every victim has the potential to be a success and all of us have the potential to become a victim. Sometimes we have to hit the low to know how high we can go.

    • Neil · June 29, 2014

      Absolutely, in the lows we can see the potential.

  2. Char Kitteridge · June 2, 2014

    Positive passengers who get it, but don’t know how to get there are fun too. Some times stopping is good – being slow is very good sometimes :0)

    • Neil · June 29, 2014

      Agree, that reflection is important. I’m more thinking of the feckless passenger.

  3. The difference between a high performer and an average performer is subjective and depends on who wrote the definition.

    • Neil · June 29, 2014


      I didn’t know you were writing entry papers for the CIPD these days.

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