It’s all about me

Hi there and thanks for taking time to find out more about me.

My name is Neil Morrison and for 20 years now I’ve worked in HR in a range of different businesses and industries.  Through this experience I’ve grown to believe that we need to completely rethink the way that we approach people management, focussing on organisational need more than alleged HR best practice.

I’m passionate about solutions that are organisation-centric, about thinking that is new and creative and I’m passionate about the role that people have in organisational success, exploring how education and employment are fundamentally linked and the role that technology can play in making organisations better.

Although I would love to say that I speak for my Company, that wouldn’t be accurate or fair on them. So the views you see here are entirely my own, but drawn from my continuing personal practice.

On top of my paid work, I’m a regular speaker at conferences across the world on a range of topics and I write for a number of publications on a semi-regular basis.

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