It’s #mjday

Many bloggers will tell you they write to express themselves. Whilst that might be true, we also like to be read. As a blogger of some years, I’ll admit to the pleasure of a reweet, the joy of a good day on the stats, the pleasure of a string of comments. Of course we write for self expression, but we write in public for reaction and opinion.

As there are too many voices in the social sphere, scrapping for space and time and attention. There are also far too few curators, sharers, linkers. The glue that binds the fractious world of egos and opinions together. The people that give space to new and old voices aside one another.

For me, since I started writing years ago, one person, one Twitter handle has always been there as a supportive voice on my shoulder. Sharing, encouraging, never short of a positive word or a comment. That person is @MJCarty or Michael Carty as he is known to his mum. Michael stands amongst us I n the world of social HR as a pillar of everything that is good and positive, low ego, low attention seeking, but high in giving of time, energy and commitment. His timeline is a “go to” for HR blogs, you’ll find him at HR events connecting with people in person and his addition to the general discussion and frivolity of Twitter is perhaps second to none.

In a strange turn of fate, on the day I saw a number of people unfairly criticising Michael for being selective in his coverage (never a more untrue word has been said) it also turns out it’s his 5th anniversary on Twitter today. So to my friends, my enemies, my supporters and detractors. Those I know, never knew, will know and don’t want to know. I ask you this, join with me in passing our thanks on to a true giant (in personality not stature) amongst us to @MJCarty.

Let’s celebrate. It’s #mjday.


  1. Johanna Ratcliffe · January 17, 2014

    I agree Neil and well said – for someone with so many followers and a busy job to boot, Michael is extremely generous with his time and supportive of other people. He has a lovely tone of voice on twitter and always shares good stuff (and curates it too – love the #hrblogs monthly round ups.) I’m raising my morning latte to #mjday ! Happy 5 yr twitter birthday Michael 🙂

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      Indeed Johanna.

  2. Flora Marriott · January 17, 2014

    MJ is a legend

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      Hashtag Legend.

  3. Katrina Collier · January 17, 2014

    What a lovely post. Hear, hear! And well done to you both.

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      I didn’t do anything….!

  4. Tash Stallard · January 17, 2014

    oh my giddy aunt – how did I miss that, *criticising MJ* – has the world gone entirely mad?!?

    two celebrations today then …

    firstly of course, I celebrate MJ (in truth, I celebrate him often, we are blessed to have him in our lives – perfectly expressed by NM)

    two – I’ve commented on your blog NM – that must be a first 😉

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      Nobody comments on my blog……they just expunge…. 🙂

  5. Alison Chisnell · January 17, 2014

    So very true – well said that man and thank you so much to Michael for all his support, unswerving loyalty, dedication and commitment over the years. Loving the concept of #mjday 🙂

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      Thanks Alison.

  6. Heather Bussing · January 17, 2014

    I love Michael. He is brilliant, funny, kind, and brave — all the things I adore in a human. I am delighted to know him, and so honored that he actually reads my writing. Thank you Michael. And thank you Neil!

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      My pleasure, I’m just the monkey…..

  7. Michael Carty · January 20, 2014

    “Thank you” seems a barely adequate thing to say in response to this hugely generous post

    All the same: Thank you, sir. And thank you to Johanna, Flora, Katrina, Tash, Alison and Heather for each of you taking the time to write such lovely comments. And – at the risk of getting seriously repetitive here – thank you to everyone who was so kind as to tweet an #mjday message last Friday.

    I am absolutely overwhelmed by all this. And hugely appreciative.

    Thank you.

    • Neil · February 23, 2014

      You deserve every moment of it Michael. 🙂

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