Telling tales is HR’s job

I find it funny that when we mention “telling tales”, we think of mischievous, misinformation and light-hearted deceit. Story telling reminds us of being children and living in a land of make-believe. There is a whimsical, simplicity and a leisurely disdain for the telling of tales or stories. It has nothing to do with the corporate world and business success.

But organisations need to tell stories now, more than ever.

The narrative of corporate life is increasingly complex. Balancing opposing messages, dealing with contending forces. Explaining the paradox of our corporate existence.

Yes, we need to tell stories more than ever.

The environment is increasingly complex, disparate and disjointed. The simple messages of the past, “do this and we will do that”, “be this and you will get that” are no longer true. We can no longer rely on this basic narrative.

Balancing the seemingly conflicting messages of our work life, creating the authentic narrative that reflects the complexity of the working relationship. That is a skill we can all learn better.

HR needs to help tell the organisational tales that connect people, create meaning and purpose. That deal with and accept the contradictions and realities. We need to get better at telling tales. It is one of our most important jobs.

So, if you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll begin……

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