HR Evolution – An Englishman* abroad

This time tomorrow I’ll be flying to Atlanta to participate in HRevolution, “an event for human resources professionals, recruiters, and business leaders to come together and talk about the problems facing businesses today”. I’m lucky that it coincides with a business trip to the US, which means that a normally difficult event for a Brit becomes more accessible.

Having been hanging around the blogging and social media HR scene for a couple of years now, I’m particularly looking forward to meeting a number of people who I have conversed with during that time and actually making a proper “connection” with them.  I’m not a natural socialite so I’m also particularly pleased that there will also be a number of friendly faces that I have already met; my friend Laurie Ruettimann and of course my fellow British attendees Gareth Jones, Mervyn Dinnen and Jon Ingham.

I’m also really interested in hearing different national views on the HR agenda.  One of the joys (and frustrations) of working internationally is that you get a diversity of opinions and perspectives.  In fact, one of my long time blogging heroes, Joe Gerstandt is talking about Diversity and Inclusion, which I’m really interested in – but that is one of many great tracks. You know, if I’m giving my long bank holiday weekend up for HR, it has to be for something special!

I’m also hoping that there will be food for thought, ideas and people who set the neural pathways buzzing, challenge and inspire. HR people, like anyone else sometimes need a shot in the arm to drive their creativity, passion and enthusiasm.  Getting together with such a veritable smorgasbord of HR talent has to be a great opportunity to do just that.

Atlanta….and #HRevolution….here I come!

*I’m actually a Welshman not an Englishman….but it just didn’t work so well!

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