The questions for 2016

No, don’t worry…’s not a predictions post. I’ll leave that to Laurie and others who’ll do it better.

It’s nearly Christmas and I’m done. I could crack out another couple of posts for you on a Monday morning, but frankly I’m tired and you’re tired of me.

I don’t blame you.

I’m off to reflect for a few weeks, recharge the batteries and come back with more inane babbling and half baked ideas in 2016.

In the meantime, here’s the stuff that’s going to be going round in my head,

  • Is technology the driver of our low productivity?
  • Will wellbeing be the end of engagement?
  • Should you only allow people to recruit who have a growth mindset?
  • Will the Living Wage result in an increasing geographical divide?
  • How do we get a grand coalition of disciplines to tackle the future of work?
  • Are we living in increasingly changing times, or do we just have more information?
  • If Big Data is the future, when is it going to dish up some answers?

And of course, in these festive times… an atheist, does my insurance cover an act of God?

More on this anon. Have a wonderful festive period, enjoy the break and allow others to enjoy it too.

Peace out.