Because being you is hard

I understand you want to be popular. I understand that you want to be accepted. I understand the hurt that you feel when you’re not.

I see how this makes you behave. I see how you make choices for them and not for you. I see how this makes you hesitant, resistant, less than the sum of your parts.

I feel how you hurt. I feel how you need and want.

I feel how you feel.

I want something better for you. I want you to be you. I want you to feel, understand and see these things.

But wanting is not being, and seeing is not doing. Understanding is not acting and feeling…….is why it’s all so hard.

Some people are born to be different, some people are born to stand out, some people have to walk up the down escalator….even when they don’t want to.

Never be afraid of being yourself, of being who you are. Never be afraid of being.

It’s better to stand out as who you are, than blend in by being who you’re not.

It is better to be you.

Whatever may come.


  1. changinghr · October 7, 2013

    Absolutely superb Neil. Wonderful piece and something very dear to my heart…

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  3. cathie · October 10, 2013

    Be who u are ? Many people don’t even know that much so I’d say be the best you can be in the circumstances your in… adapt even in love, hate, etc…life in general.

    • Neil · October 13, 2013

      “Be the best you can be”. I like that, thank you.

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