Tell me more, tell me more…..

I’m interested in who you are.

Not how you come across.

I think that takes a lot.

To look beyond the presentation and understand the person beneath. So much of our lives work on the superficial and we create the back story in our minds that justifies our initial perspectives.


He is…

She is…

I am…

With our 1% of perspective we create 100% of knowledge.


Or searching for understanding?

What would happen if we gave a little more of ourselves? If we invested a little more in helping people to understand us rather than complaining that they don’t?

What would happen if you risked a little more? If you expressed a little more? If you lived a little more?

How much do the people about you know about you? What makes you laugh? Where you’re ticklish? What makes you sad? What gets you up in the morning?

Would that make you a lesser person?

If people knowing more about you makes you more vulnerable, doesn’t it also make you more likeable?

Would you rather be liked for something you aren’t.

Or disliked for something you are?


  1. michaelchanrubio · June 10, 2013

    I am a start-up project manager. I am an entrepreneur whose skill set is in planning (projects) and HR.

    I wish I could claim I’m an operations guy too, but I’ve never really spent more than 6 months as a full line manager (and since it’s a failed startup, it’s not on my resume).

    My experience set is broad, but my achievement set is narrow.

    I haven’t DONE many things, as much as I’ve EXPERIENCED many, many things.

    I no longer wish to be employed, as I want to direct my own ventures instead. But I am frustrated by the need to be employed — even if I know that stability is illusory.

    Saying these things may discourage people from employing me. But that’s the truth. I believe I’m damn good, and that there are better ways for me to contribute than being an employee.

    I have more things going on than I’ve ever had in my career at the moment (and my partner founders have never been better), but I need luck. I could really use some of it.

    • Neil · July 23, 2013

      Here is wishing you luck!

  2. fuchsia blue ltd · June 10, 2013

    Such wonderful questions…..

    Can’t believe it’s been a year since I wrote this – it still stands though, in terms of what I think and how I try to show up.

    Who I am and how I come across are, I hope, fairly consistent.

    I am imperfect, frequently misunderstood, consistently curious… and No. I don’t want to be liked for who I’m not or could be. I choose to be me. That’s tough enough most days without trying to be anyone else.

    • Neil · July 23, 2013

      Thanks for sharing the post.

      We’re all imperfect. That’s what makes humans so amazing.

  3. Hebry · June 10, 2013

    Yes. And thst gives the lie to “professionalism” and other masks.

    • Neil · July 23, 2013

      Welcome back Hebry. You’ve changed…..

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