Why are you here?

Hey, happy Monday? Good weekend? Enjoy the sun? Ready to make a difference this week?

Why the hesitation?

If you’re not waking up this morning wanting to make a difference for your employees, then ask yourself a simple question, “Why are you here?”

To make money? There are better paying jobs than HR.

To make history? Go marry an emu, it’s a quicker route.

To make whoopee? No-one wants to screw the HR guy….well not in that way, anyway….

So why are you here and who are you here for?

Let me fast track the answer for you, I know it has been a sunny indulgent weekend.

Your employees.

You are here for your employees.

If you don’t understand that, if you can’t comprehend that, then let me know? I’ll be there to help you through.

If you don’t agree, if you can’t agree. Then tell me, who else do you serve?

The shareholders? Leave that to the Finance guys.

The customers? Marketing are all over it.

If in any way you’re convinced by this….and you really should be. Then, go make a difference for your people, today.

They and I will thank you for it.