Some of you will know that as well as the day job and this blog, I also run a site called British business bloggers. I won’t bang on about the site here, you can find more information about it here.

(Note to self: there were too many “heres” in that last sentence!)

Anyway, long story short and all that, the site is run by bloggers for bloggers and looks to share content and blog traffic.

(Note to self: don’t say that you aren’t going to bang on about a subject and then bang on about it!)

So why talk about it now? Well two reasons really, I know there are people who read this site that maybe don’t read the other site and it would be good to raise it to their attention. And secondly, because we’re running a very cool competition at the moment!

Basically, we want to give away 4 sets of 100 business cards courtesy of the lovely people at Yep, give them away. Because we’re good like that. All you need to do is to make us laugh….intentionally mind you! You can see more details on the competition here where you can also enter. How simple is that?

Go on…..I dare you. You know you want to…..

PS. Please enter here not HERE. OK…..I know…..I did it again.