Disrupting HR?

I wish I could be like the cool kids, all the cool kids seem to disrupt…..

You know when even the establishment talks about disrupting that you’re seriously missing out. That somehow there is a boat that has sailed, you didn’t even managed to work out was in the harbour.

Everyone is disrupting. We’re disrupting the disruption that was disrupted in the last great disrupt. We’re so disruptive that we’ve forgotten what exactly it was that we were trying to do and why.

Or alternatively, we’re enthusiastically employing the lexicon of another world without really understanding what it is we’re talking about and why.

Do we need to disrupt HR? I guess it depends on what you think HR is.

If you think that HR is a series of processes and policies and procedures. If you think that HR is a static system of interventions that exist in isolation of the organisational ecosystem. If you think that HR is a practice which has failed to evolve, develop and adapt.

Then yes, maybe you do want to disrupt that.

But do you think that? Is that what we really think our profession is? A set of processes. Is that the value you add? When you talk about disruption, is that what you wish to disrupt?

What if HR is the strategic approach to managing people to deliver business performance. If it is about helping people to be better, be happier and deliver more. If it is about creating an adaptive system that changes, develops and grows as part of the organisational system within which it exists.

Do you really want or need to disrupt that?

I’m all for better. I’m all for evolution. I’m all for improvement.

The funny thing about successful organisations, successful practices is that they change, develop and evolve before the need to disrupt them occurs.

Maybe there are areas of our world that need a shake up. But let’s stop the lazy deployment of terms that we don’t really understand and don’t really mean, just to keep in with the in crowd.

You go ahead and disrupt if you really want to, I’m going to adapt, develop and grow.

And when the dust settles, we’ll see who’s further ahead.

You may be invincible, I’ll be in the background.

And that’s ok.