Acting is happy agony

No-one remembers the 32nd person to climb the Berlin Wall.

Or the 7th person to step on the moon.

We don’t hold the 26th person to cross the marathon line in more esteem than the 400th.

And the 40th person to stand up against oppression, is a statistic like the 43rd .

There are leaders and there are followers. There are doers and there are repeaters. There are thinkers and there are those that regurgitate.

We know the difference, we see the difference, we feel the difference. And yet at the same time, we seldom call it out when we do.

Regardless of what we do, each week provides a million opportunities to lead, to step to the front, to put our necks on the line. We have the chance to change things, to say things, to do thing, to become things.

And yet we wait, we hesitate, we defer, we absolve ourselves of responsibility and we look to a darkened horizon to provide the hope and the inspiration that we each hold within us.

We have the ability to act. We just don’t have the courage.

I don’t believe in an after life, I don’t believe in resurrection or absolution. I believe in the here, the now, the moment and the challenge. We have a chance every day to be something that makes a difference. We have a chance to be leaders of ourselves and of others.

Be brave, step out, and leave your legacy today. Tomorrow is there for the forgotten.