The etiquette of resigning, or how not to look like a twonk.

DON’T start slagging your current employer off before you’ve left – no matter how much you may want to. You’re still employed, these people are still paying you and it makes you look like a petulant child.

DO turn up to work. You’ve given notice, ok, but you’re still bound by the Contract of Employment…that shiny document you signed when you were a bright-eyed hopeful new recruit. It still counts.

DON’T start throwing sickies. Think of your team mates, think of your colleagues. Yes, you’re leaving, but until you’re replaced you’re still letting the team down. And they’ll hate you for it.

DO remember that it is a “small world”. You never know who might know whom, when you might need a favour, or when you might end up face to face with one of these people again.

DON’T start talking about how you’re too “big for the job”. Nobody wants to hear it….and nobody believes it. The job is as big as you make it…you just gave up trying.

DO expect to work your notice. Unless you’re truly lucky you’re going to be held to the entire period that YOU signed up to. Make that your expectation…. anything else is a bonus.

DON’T try and turn your co-workers against the company to give you the confidence to justify your decision. They have to schlep in and out of work every day regardless of your decision. Leave them be to live their lives.

DO put as much effort in on the last day as you put in on the first day. It’s called personal dignity.

DON’T expect everyone/anyone to miss you. They’re moving on, just like you.