A year in photos

So those of you that know me just a little, will know that as well as being a boring HR practitioner, I also like to do some other things too. And as I sit here at the end of the year, I thought I’d share something else with you. My photographs, some good, some bad and some……just because.


Because you always need a little bit of light.

Just say yes

The boy’s first gig….and whilst it might not be to everyone’s taste….he loved it.


Because kids and chocolate…..just go so well together.


Glasses are sooo much cooler these days!

Light of my life

But sometimes you’re better off without them.


Especially when you’re a dude!

The event

Well….it was 2012….so one of those shots had to make it through!

The swimmer

A summer spent in water.

Brother and sister

The reason I get up and go to work.

The photographer

The photographer.

Christmas lights

Christmas lights and family time to end the year.

Have a great 2013.