Continuous learning is your own competitive advantage

We’re all looking for that extra something. Those of us in the corporate jungle know, that at one time or another, we will come up against someone else, someone powerful. Head to head, face to face, nose to nose. You get the point.

When you come up against someone, the question that you will ask yourself is, “what is my advantage?” But, by then it will be too late, because by then you will be pushing heavy stuff up a hill against a downhill wind. And that, my friends, is both an uphill struggle and a blow off in one simple sentence.

So the question is, or the question should be, how can I gain that advantage now?

A lot of my free time is spent cooking, I love the challenge of creating dishes that surprise, entertain but also simply nourish people.  I love providing people with things that they really want. That they enjoy.

And you know what? That would be the most amazing way to approach the world of work. What if we strived every day to dish up something to our co-workers that surprised, entertained and nourished them? What if we constantly tried to learn, improve and deliver delight?

How about….

1)    We absorb technique. We read, we learn, we are inquisitive. We look to others for knowledge and understanding.

2)    We experiment unremittingly. We try, we serve, we receive feedback, we improve, we try again. There is never a sense of “that will do”.

3)    We learn from others, unafraid to listen, taste, learn and accept the knowledge of others that may have been there first.

4)    We constantly seek to amaze.

This is all about continuous improvement, about continuous learning, about striving to improve, to excite, to surpass our history.

All of us know that one time or another, we will come up against someone else and at that point, we will have had a couple of choices.

But the most important ones, will already have passed.

If we can be good, be strong, be wild and be focussed on being amazing every day. Well then, the rest, it can work itself out.