My name is Neil and for over 15 years now I’ve been working in HR in a range of different businesses and industries.  My experience has led me to believe that we need to completely rethink the way that we approach people management focussing on organisational need more than alleged HR best practice.  I’m passionate about solutions that are organisation-centric, about thinking that is new and creative and I’m passionate about the role that people have in organisational success.

Although I would love to say that I speak for my Company, that wouldn’t be accurate or fair on them. So the views you see here are entirely my own.

You can contact me on Twitter here,

On Linkedin here,

Or alternatively you can drop me an email here.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Damon Klotz says:

    Hi Neil,

    My name is Damon. Have we met? Great blog you have here. I’d love to share some thoughts over email some time :)


  2. Jay Kuhns says:

    I totally agree Neil. Best practices are only “best” within the company that developed them. Every organization has its own culture, strategy, and people!

  3. garethmjones says:

    “thinking that is new and creative” – there’s hope for you yet then mate ;) Look forward to hearing more of that from you!

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