1. The skills debate is changing, but you’re still doing the same


    March 10, 2014 by Neil

    I’m fascinated by the changing employment market. I’m fascinated by education. And I’m absolutely fascinated by the crossover between the …
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  2. She who holds up the mirror


    March 3, 2014 by Neil

    Something slightly different, based on my feelings about a lot of the debate that goes on both in “my world” and the world outside.

  3. The revolution will (not) be sanitised


    February 24, 2014 by Neil

    This isn’t a HR revolution. It might have been, but it has been dumbed down, sanitised and ruined by mediocrity and consensus. It is time to move on, time to think again.

  4. Demand a little more from recruiters, and yourselves.


    February 17, 2014 by Neil

    We can all sit and complain about people, in this case third party suppliers, not meeting our needs. But when do we take responsibility for our inability to articulate the value that we want them to provide? Each interaction has supply and demand. Make the most of the part that you can control