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  1. Why HR should hate change just a little bit more


    March 24, 2014 by Neil

    There is a tendency for HR people to profess their comfort with and like of change. This worries me. HR should be wary of change, it should be cautious of change. Our goal should be to fine tune, not recreate. Let’s hate change just a little bit more.

  2. Can bad companies do good work?


    March 17, 2014 by Neil

    We are great at giving recognition for good practice within the world of HR. We recognise companies at awards and through league tables. But does it matter what those companies do? Should we have a view on their organisational goals and purpose? Or do we allow others to make judgments on suitability and moral acceptability and focus on what we know best, how to treat people at work?

  3. A million small things


    February 10, 2014 by Neil

    Culture is everything that we do within an organisation. It is how we induct, how we appraise, how we recruit, how we train. Culture isn’t separate, it isn’t some giant “thing”, it is merely the combination of a million small things. And if you want to change the culture, you need to start with the small things.

  4. Lessons in life


    January 20, 2014 by Neil

    We learn so much from our parents. Most of the time we don’t realise we are doing so. As my Dad turns 70 today, I look back and realise that so much of my philosophy on work and leadership is based on him and his views.