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  1. We are our choices


    August 4, 2014 by Neil

    If the world of work is changing, and I think we all need to accept that it is, and if the employment relationship is changing. Then why are we still managing the employee life cycle in the way that we’ve been doing for decades? What’s wrong with choice? What’s wrong with freedom? And why can’t we design the organisation to provide it?

  2. Because you’re worth it. Aren’t you?


    July 21, 2014 by Neil

    How would the HR function better if it was a profit centre? Would it focus the mind? Would it make the function add more value and focus more on organisational needs? And could all these things be achieved anyway, without changing the cost model?

  3. You’re so fit


    June 9, 2014 by Neil

    When we talk about organisational fit, people get excited about the pros and cons. Is fit ever a fair reason for assessment? I think it is. And this is why.

  4. The final whistle


    April 22, 2014 by Neil

    I’m pretty certain that this will be neither the first, nor the last, blog post to look at the Ferguson, …
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